Our brands: Henri Willig, Hooidammer en Polderkaas

Our cheese dairy

In order to meet the demand by Dutch and international customers, our production facility in Heerenveen produces thousands of cheeses each day. In addition to the regular varieties of Dutch, baby and organic cheeses, such specialties as Polderkaas, Polderkaas Biologisch and Hooidammer are made.

Henri Willig produces, packages and supplies to wholesalers and shops in over 30 countries. The cheese farms also make cheese for the many visitors from all over the world, just like it all started forty years ago in the Jacobs Hoeve farm in Katwoude.  


The Henri Willig cheese specialities have received many awards during international competitions. 

International Cheese Award Gold 2013
International Cheese Award Gold 2012
World Cheese Award Super Gold
Global cheese awards

Cheesefarms of Henri Willig

Jacobs Hoeve Henri Willig

Jacobs Hoeve

Catharina Hoeve Henri Willig

Catharina Hoeve

Alida Hoeve Henri Willig

Alida Hoeve

Our webshop

In the extensive webshop you can make a selection from the many Henri Willig cheese specialties as well as fine foods and gifts. Order now here.