Henri Willig is a producer of, among others, goat cheese, sheep cheese, organic cheese and many other cheese specialties but also the baby Gouda in various varieties. With this wonderful cheese we are the market leader in the Netherlands. 

Apart from making cheese, Henri Willig also sells his own creations in more than 20 of his own shops  and they are exported to 25 countries worldwide.

Our brands

The cheeses made by Henri Willig are sold under three brands of its own. Every brand has its own character and features, and is made from cow-, goat- or sheep milk. Henri Willig cheeses are exclusively made for their own selling points. Hooidammer is a typical Friesian organic cheese.  Polderkaas offers a complete variety of cheese specialties.

Our cheese factory

The Henri Willig cheese factory makes, packages and supplies first class cheese specialties. Apart from the familiar cheeses of different ages from regular and organic cow-, goat- and sheep milk we also offer a broad assortment of herbal cheeses made from unique recipes. Our innovative cheese makers are continuously working on new tasty combinations that are customised to the needs of our consumers.

Our “hoeves” and “hoeve”-shops

At the so called “hoeves” Henri Willig shows more than one million visitors a year the traditional way of making Dutch wooden shoes, the cheese factory and how to make cheese.  This is a popular attraction for tourists and tour operators because of the authentic Dutch atmosphere of the “hoeves”, the informative character and the fact that it is possible to try all the cheeses!

Our luxurious cheese present shops

Get inspired by our collection of gifts. Special cheeses with a combination of fitting products such as chutney, jam, wine, sausages, traditionally made nougat and many other deli foods. But we can also assemble a present of your choice and wrap it in festive packaging.

Our webshop

The farm shop “De Jacobshoeve” in Katwoude has two sister shops, “De Alidahoeve” in Volendam and “De Catharinahoeve” at the Zaanse Schans. Apart from that, we have been opening various cheese shops in and around Amsterdam that are called “Cheese & More by Henri Willig”. At our webshop, many of the products from your shops can be bought online as well!