Henri Willig, Specialist Cheese Maker

Henri Willig is a maker of Dutch cheese specialities, the most well-known of which is Baby Gouda. Goat's cheese, sheep's cheese and organic cheese are examples of specialities made from our own recipes. Henri Willig develops his own cheese products in his own cheese factory and exports cheese to over 30 countries.

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From the land to the customer

In order to have you enjoy the best Dutch cheese specialties, Henri Willig uses an efficient and responsible production method.

Our customers are not merely purchasers – just like Henri Willig is not an ordinary supplier: a sustainable and intensive cooperation with our partners is important to us. This cooperation starts with an early planning and the volumes to be produced. Once that has been coordinated, the milk for the cheese is collected from our own Dutch farmers. The cheese is made with dedication and attention, ripened and cared for and then packaged. Our customer is involved in every step of the production process. Because Henri Willig started as a farmer and cheese maker himself, he is involved with every little detail in the traditional production process, just like the current generation of experts in the company. This is how our passion for the trade continues to influence the result.