Henri Willig, Specialist Cheese Maker

Henri Willig is a maker of Dutch cheese specialities, the most well-known of which is Baby Gouda. Goat's cheese, sheep's cheese and organic cheese are examples of specialities made from our own recipes. Henri Willig develops his own cheese products in his own cheese factory and exports cheese to over 30 countries.

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Henri Willig of Baby Gouda Fame

Henri Willig acquired international fame with the Baby Cheese, small cheeses in brightly-coloured packaging. These cheese are produced every day in our own cheese factories using special processes. Baby Gouda's shape makes it highly suitable for international transport. Baby Gouda is available in a variety of flavours, such as herbs, cumin, garlic, chilli pepper, black pepper, fenugreek, truffle and pesto. Henri Willig also produces goat's cheese or sheep's cheese in plain, fenugreek or herb varieties.

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