Henri Willig, Specialist Cheese Maker

Henri Willig is a maker of Dutch cheese specialities, the most well-known of which is Baby Gouda. Goat's cheese, sheep's cheese and organic cheese are examples of specialities made from our own recipes. Henri Willig develops his own cheese products in his own cheese factory and exports cheese to over 30 countries.

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Cheese Production and Export

Cheese Factory Henri Willig focuses on the high-quality production and delivery of a broad range of cheeses. Our cow's cheeses are made from regular, organic and organic-dynamic milk. Our goat's and sheep's cheeses are made from regular and organic milk. You can find our aged and herb cheeses in speciality stores, eco food shops and retail stores all over the world.

We distinguish ourselves from mass producers thanks to our varied range of cheeses and our production methods. We are used to the flexible production of large and smaller batches of cheese for buyers in over 30 countries across the globe. Our R&D, marketing and sales departments provide tailor-made services for our buyers and research and take new opportunities and options constantly with respect to innovation and production. 

Our cheeses are generally produced in Heerenveen. Moreover, we have a smaller production location in Katwoude. Together with over 60 milk suppliers, we work for the production of our cow's, goat's and sheep's cheeses. Our production plants have over 70 employees and are expanding.