Henri Willig, Specialist Cheese Maker

Henri Willig is a maker of Dutch cheese specialities, the most well-known of which is Baby Gouda. Goat's cheese, sheep's cheese and organic cheese are examples of specialities made from our own recipes. Henri Willig develops his own cheese products in his own cheese factory and exports cheese to over 30 countries.

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Henri Willig has developed from a small-scale cheese dairy using traditional methods to a cheese producer with an international market. Step by step we have built a strong network and developed and marketed dozens of cheese products. The expertise and experience we have gained during this process of growth is put at the service of our customers. Anticipating changing market conditions, responding to customer demands and innovative processing and production processes are in our genes. This will help ensure that we can continue to offer the best quality in taste and product range. 

Our market

We produce and supply by order of wholesalers and retailers. The consumer can buy our cheese products in cheese shops, delicatessens, health food stores and supermarkets.  

R&D and sales team

At Henri Willig we are used to carefully listening to our customers. They are the link between our production process and the consumer. They provide important feedback about the success of our products in the market and sense what the cheese lover wants.
Our sales team and Research & Development Department support our customers in utilizing new opportunities and possibilities in the market. Exchanging ideas may lead to the development of new products or improvement of existing ones. By order and in consultation with our customer, we are able to further develop new recipes in a test production. We can also contribute ideas about marketing strategies in order to successfully introduce new products or to tap into new markets for existing products.
From within our own organisation the sales team and R&D Department are also pushed to keep innovating. The goal is to add at least one new product to the product range every year. On a monthly basis new market developments are discussed, new production methods are analysed, test and research results are studied and new ideas are considered.

Packaging option

Henri Willig supplies cheese products under its own Polderkaas, Polderkaas Biologisch and Hooidammer brands. We also offer wholesalers and retailers the option to have our cow, goat and sheep cheeses packaged with neutral or private labelling. Please contact our sales team for more information if you are interested in this option.